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Aiolis Studios in Porto Koufo


Aiolis is located at the center of Porto Koufo's harbor. Builded on the highest spot of the bay, overlooking the sea, offers a breathtaking view of the port and the mountain around it.


The sight of the harbor from above is unique, as huge rocks rising above the bay, which looks incredible as a lake, since the very small opening to the sea is barely visible.


Porto Koufo was the ancient port of Toroneos, a safe anchorage for the Toronian ships. The port has up to now its ancient name. It is the safest and the biggest natural harbor in Greece and is almost always filled with all kind of vessels.


Today is a quiet little village of fishermen that smells fresh fish.



Porto Koufo History


Porto Koufo is actually the ancient port of Toroni, a safe anchorage for the Toronian ships.


It's name means ‘deaf harbour’ because of it being so well protected that you couldn’t hear the sound of the sea.


The harbour has been used for a variety of purposes over the years, such as hiding Turkish pirate ships. 


Even more recently during the second world war, the Germans used the harbour as a U-boat (submarine) base for the Northern Aegean.


Some of their fortifications can still be seen.



What to do in Porto Koufo


Boat Rental

(Aiolos Boats)
Start from Porto Koufo, with self drive boats, and explore the unique beaches of South Sithonia. Dive into the crystal waters, do snorkeling and enjoy a remarkable experience of a day full of sea and sun!
For all of our customers staying in Aiolis Studios, we offer a 10% discount on the daily rental fee for Aiolos Boats.
For information, ask the reception or contact us.


Scuba Diving

(Azure Diving Center)
Try scuba diving in the deep harbour where you can explore the numerous caves – such as Erika’s cave with an entrance of 12 meters under the surface of the water.
Or if you are more experienced, maybe dive the “wall” out in the harbour’s entrance – this is a deep dive with interesting bio-diversity.

To book your courses and for further information, contact directly to Azure Diving Center:


You can also venture out from Porto Koufo on boat tours and cruises that will take you diving or fishing around Sithonia, lasting anywhere from one day to a week.


If you want to stay on land, there are numerous hiking trails to the southern tip of Sithonia where you can find some isolated beaches (Lemos and Marathias), or get a magnificent view to the south of the Sporades Islands on a clear day.


In the evening relax and enjoy Porto Koufo for what it is famous for – it’s fresh sea food!

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